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Secure Storage Features & Benefits

Secure Storage allows you to empower your website with the ability to store and protect all sorts of information.

The following innovative features ensure that this fully integrated module will maximize the efficiency and security of your website, enabling smoother transactions and general ease-of-use for both website users and managers alike:

Wide-Ranging Storage Capacity
One code protects many things, allowing you to store any sensitive information on the site, including, but not limited to, credit card numbers

Reliable Security
Compliant with US standard of secure storage, using RSA secure encryption

Efficiency-Maximizing Credit Card Storage
Can store clients' credit cards in the Ecommerce module, so that you can charge them again for future purchases without having to reenter all of the information

Sensitive Contact Information Storage
In the CRM, same secure storage system can store login information and other sensitive data in the Access Data tab

Full System Integration
Secure Storage allows you to store and protect information in many different modules with one comprehensive code