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Search Engine Optimization Overview

AspireSEO, the search engine optimization module, helps you to manage the appearance of your website's pages in online search engines.

Divided into two parts, the Keyword Analysis module and the Inbound Link Manager, AspireSEO helps to ensure that your website is made available to as many people as possible. Helping to provide your pages with search-engine-friendly URL's, so that they will show up as static pages without variables, the module also collects statistics on the frequency of use and success of particular keywords and links (for both your own website and those of your competitors). These statistics can then be used to set effective meta data (titles, descriptions, and keywords used to determine your pages' appearance in search engines) on a page-by-page basis or with the system automatically generating the data based on other information, such as the page's menu name or an Ecommerce application's product name.

As search engine optimization can have a great effect on the success of your business, maximizing the number of web users that will find and access your site, AspireSEO is an important module to have in order to make the most of all the work put into your website.