Please send Videos with your requests

Its Easy, Fast, and Efficient

In order to better serve you quickly and efficiently, we ask that you create a quick video showing us any problems, issues, or desired work to be completed.  

Once you understand the free software, it will be faster than writing an email and we will be able to answer your questions, or resolve any issues faster.

We promise, the 10 minutes it will take to install and learn how to use this software will pay off very quickly in terms of saving time and money.

Step 1) Download and install the Jing Software, (It's FREE)

Installation Help Video

Step 2) Learn How to Use the Software

Creating your first video

Step 3) Send Us Links to Vidoes

After creating a video, save the video via Screencast and send us the link

You are now ready to quickly send us videos, it's that simple!